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Request a Duplicate W-2

Request a Duplicate W-2
Whether you decided to receive your original W-2 online or through the traditional mailing process, a duplicate W-2 can be "delivered" in multiple ways.

Duplicates are not available until February 10th. This allows time for you to receive the form through US mail including time for forwarding. Please review our Tax Form Forecast to see when the form is expected to be released before requesting a duplicate copy.

  • Go to OneStart
  • Select "Services" tab on the banner at the top of the OneStart page.
  • Select "Employee Center" from the menu on the left panel.
  • Select the "Payroll & Tax" Button.
  • Locate the Tax Information Panel.
  • Under W-2 Information it lists your status for online delivery and the W-2 forms available.
  • Click "view" to retrieve available W-2 forms. A new browser window will open.
Complete instructions are found here.
ORDER by FORM - A duplicate Form W-2 will be mailed to a specified address.

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