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Self Service Employee Federal Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4) Information

IU Payroll has added new Employee Self Service functionality for the W-4 tax form. This will allow you to update your federal allowances, additional withholding, marital status and exemption status electronically through OneStart. Paper forms will still be accepted. There is currently no electronic version of the State WH-4 form available, however we hope to be able to offer that in the future.

Accessing the W-4 through OneStart

You can access the electronic W-4 through the Employee Center channel on the Services tab. It is available during normal Self Service hours which are posted on thechannel as shown on the screen shot below.

Access W4 screen

Tax Information

tax info channel
The Tax Information section
allows you to set up and/or update
your tax information as well as
request duplicate tax forms.




Completing the Federal Tax Withholding Form (W-4)

The electronic W-4 Tax Information is intended to be a substitute for the paper form, and as such, it includes/collects the same data. Unlike the paper form, it defaults to your current elections which can then be modified accordingly. It also pulls in your current home address and social security number on file. Please verify your data on the form is correct before submitting. If there is no home address on file, the address section will display a message advising you to complete the Personal Information section in the Employee Center.

The electronic W-4 allows you to claim exemption from federal tax withholding. The form defaults in the current calendar year in the exemption year box, but in November and December you can enter the upcoming year.

In lieu of your signature on the paper form, you must check a box which certifies you are submitting valid data and understand that your payroll tax data will be changed based on the form. There is a link at the bottom of the form to the paper W-4 form which has an allowances worksheet you can print and use to calculate your allowances.

You will receive an email notifying there was a change made to your W-4. There are no details in the email, just notification of a change.

Sample of W-4 Tax Information page.

W4 sample

Restricted Access

The electronic W-4 is not available to all employees. The following is a list of special employee populations with an explanation of how their access to the electronic W-4 is affected. There are specific error messages for each population which advise you how to proceed to update your W-4 elections.

  1. 18/20 IU Retirees: Employees in the 18/20 retirement plan complete a W-4P, not a W-4, therefore they are not allowed to use the electronic W-4.
  2. Non-Resident Alien Employees: NRA employees have special W-4 reporting requirements and it is preferred they complete the International Tax Questionnaire. They are not allowed in the system.
  3. Non-Resident Alien Employees with a W-9 on file: The W-9 means the employee should be treated as a US person for tax purposes, therefore the W-4 is not restricted. This population will be allowed to use the electronic W-4.
  4. Lock-in Letter on File: An employee who has a Lock-In Letter on file will be allowed to use the electronic W-4, but will not be allowed to enter allowances more than the Lock-In letter allows. It also prevents the selection of marital status ‘Married’ and Exempt for these employees.
  5. No email address on file: Employees who don’t have a valid IU email address will not be allowed to access the electronic W-4. The error message provides instructions for how to set up their email account.
  6. No social security number on file: Employees who do not have a social security number on file will not be allowed into the electronic W-4.
  7. Hire process not complete: You will be unable to access the Electronic W-4 until the entire hire process is complete. If it is incomplete, you will be instructed to check back on the next business day.


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