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Substitute Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form W-9

Request from Indiana University for a Taxpayer Identification Number (FEIN)

This form should be requested from the payee when Indiana University makes a payment to an individual or other entity for goods or services provided.

Substitute W-9 requested by Indiana University

Requests for Indiana University's Taxpayer Identification Number

Use this form when a customer or vendor requests confirmation of Indiana University's federal taxpayer identification number. This form is usually requested when an entity is making payments to Indiana University. Before returning this form to the customer or vendor which requested it, you must complete the

  • "Remittance Information" portion of the form
  • and
  • have it signed by the fiscal officer in the department
Failure to do so may result in customer payments being directed to the wrong mailing address and failure to credit customer payments to the appropriate departmental account or accounts receivable system record.

Substitute W-9 requested from Indiana University

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Last updated: 3 Dec 2002
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