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Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form W-9

Request from Indiana University for a Taxpayer Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
This form should be requested from the payee when Indiana University makes a payment to an individual or other entity for goods or services provided.

The purpose of the W-9 is for the payee to certify their name, tax ID and that they are a US person.  We are required to collect this information in the event that an information return is filed related to payments made.  However, request for a W-9 does not indicate the payment is reportable income for tax purposes.  For example, if the payment represents reimbursement of travel expense for university business related travel that is substantiated by receipt within a reasonable time from the date it was incurred, the reimbursement will not be reported on any tax document.
Substitute W-9 requested by Indiana University Instructions for Substitute W-9 requested by Indiana University

Requests for Indiana University's Taxpayer Identification Number
Use this form when a customer or vendor requests confirmation of Indiana University's federal taxpayer identification number.   This form is usually requested when an entity is making payments to Indiana University.  Before returning this form to the customer or vendor which requested it, you must complete the "Remittance Information" portion at the bottom of the form.  Completion of this section is required.

Failure to provide proper remittance address may result in customer payments being directed to the wrong mailing address, and failure to credit customer payments to the appropriate departmental account or accounts receivable system record.
IRS W-9 requested from Indiana University (IU authentication required)

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