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Paycard Issuance Process
  1. When filling out new hire paperwork, employee will be asked to turn in a direct deposit form. If the employee has forgotten their banking information or doesn’t have an account set up, they will be advised that if they do not sign up for direct deposit prior to their second paycheck, they will automatically be issued a paycard.

  2. The day of each pay closing, the BL payroll office will run a query of people who will be receiving printed paychecks. Those employees will receive an email indicating that they will receive a paper paycheck which must be picked up in their campus payroll office. If they do not enroll in direct deposit prior to picking up their paycheck, they will be issued a paycard at the time of pickup.

  3. The card picked up in the campus payroll office is a temporary card that does not have the employee’s name on it. A permanent card will be mailed to the employee’s home mailing address when the first payroll funds are loaded on the paycard. The temporary card is usable until the permanent card is received and activated.

  4. As with our current direct deposit process, on occasion we may need to reverse a deposit to a paycard before the pay date. For example, we can initiate these reversals for overpayments or payments made in error. Please note that we will not reverse a direct deposit on a paycard because the employee has subsequently enrolled in direct deposit. The funds will still be deposited on the paycard for that payroll. Future payrolls will be directly deposited into their bank account.

    To request a reversal, please submit a request to FMS Customer service at: FMS Support Form no later than 2 days before payday.
    In your request, include the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Emplid
    3. Net Check Amount
    4. Check Date
    5. Check Number

  5. Reversals after payday can only be done if money has been deposited on a paycard in error or due to an overpayment.  Follow the directions in step 6.  Please note that it can take several days to reverse these payments.

Please Note:
Paycards are NOT a replacement for direct deposit. Direct deposit is always our first choice. If a new employee indicates that they are unable to establish a banking relationship, then we will issue them a paycard immediately.

If someone already has direct deposit, we will not issue a paycard instead of direct deposit.

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