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Direct Bank Deposit for Indiana University Faculty and Staff

What is direct bank deposit? How to start direct bank deposit of paycheck
How to change direct bank deposit How to stop direct bank deposit

Direct Bank Deposit is:

  1. Dependable
    • Immediate availability of funds on payday
    • No loss of leisure time
    • No need to make special arrangements when absent or on vacation
  2. Safe
    • No lost or stolen checks
    • No overdrafts due to late deposits
  3. Simple
    • Complete the online Payroll Direct Deposit form, or
    • Fill out a paper Direct Bank Deposit Authorization Form to have your pay automatically deposited to your checking or savings account.
    • On payday, instead of a check, you receive information that shows your gross pay, deductions, net pay, deposit information, etc. The paycheck information is your notice of deposit and your record.
    • Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Deposit

Instructions to set up Direct Bank Deposit for your paycheck

Direct deposit information cannot be entered until an employee has been hired in the Human Resources Management System and all EDocs approved. Your hiring department will tell you when you can officially begin using online direct deposit.

Have a check or savings account information in front of you to begin your set up. While all necessary information is on your current checks, you will have to get the bank's Transit Number for savings accounts in addition to your account number

You must be absolutely sure of your bank numbers and all accounts you wish to add to your Direct Deposit. Validation of the bank will show on screen but not on personal account numbers. Warning: If you accidentally type in the wrong account number, your paycheck could be deposited into someone else's account, or not be deposited at all. Please double-check your data entry before saving your direct deposit request.

Go to the Direct Bank Deposit page at for information and to fill out the Direct Bank Deposit Authorization Form.

Next, log in to OneStart. Enter your user name and password into the Central Authentication Service system screen and click on the login button.

In OneStart, click on the Employee Center button in the left navigational bar. Employees can access Direct Deposit Services in the Payroll Information portlet.

On the Direct Deposit Services page click on the Payroll button after reading the statement below it.

You should now see a window titled Direct Deposit followed by your name directly underneath. Set up one or more accounts using the Add Account button and then checking the Payroll: Authorization (ACH Credit) statement box at bottom of page.

If you are new to direct deposit, you will see field names but no information will be in the lines below. To set up your direct deposit, click on HELP which takes you to the Payroll Direct Bank Deposit Information page.

*Please Note: The payroll cycle ends when payroll is closed. Check with your Department's Payroll Clerk for specific payroll close dates. Direct deposit information cannot be entered until an employee has been hired in the Human Resources Management System.

To Change Direct Bank Deposit in OneStart Employee Center

In the Payroll Information window, click on the Direct Deposit link. In Direct Deposit Services window, click on Payroll button to get to your Direct Deposit information page with your name on the second line. You will see your current banking information.

Click on the Edit button next to each account listed. TYPE OVER the existing account(s) with your new banking information.

You must scroll down to: "I agree to the above terms and conditions by checking the box" where you must check the box. Then click on Save button under the Distribution Instructions section.

You will see a confirmation box telling you that your change was successful. You will also get an email stating that your IU Direct Deposit account distribution has changed.

To Stop Direct Bank Deposit

You may not stop direct deposit online. A paper form must be submitted to your campus payroll office.

  1. Fill out the Direct Bank Deposit Authorization Form online and print out.
  2. Check the box that says Stop. Sign and date the form.
  3. Mail this completed form to your campus payroll office.

If your paper form to STOP your Direct Bank Deposit is received before the end of the payroll cycle, you must submit new direct deposit information.* If your form is received after the end of the current payroll cycle your pay for the current period will be direct deposited or you will be issued a paycard and your pay will be deposited on the card.

If you intend to close your account it is very important to STOP your Direct Bank Deposit with the payroll department before you close your bank account. If you fail to do so your check will continue to go Direct Bank Deposit. Once funds have been deposited into a closed account, there will be a delay of several business days before your Direct Bank Deposit is recovered from your old account. At that time you will receive a paper check.

*Please Note: The payroll cycle ends when payroll is closed. Check with your department's payroll clerk for specific payroll closing dates.

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