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New Employee Checklist

As a new IU employee, there are three tasks to get set-up right away:

  1. Your payroll information
  2. Your tax information
  3. Your personal information
Your hiring department will give you your 10-digit University ID number (Empl ID) and will tell you when you can begin using OneStart, IU's web portal. Information must be entered in the HumanResources Management System.

Once your paperwork has been processed by IU Human Resources (HR), you can create your first Indiana University computing accounts by using the Starter Kit, part of the Account Management Service (AMS) at:

To learn how to navigate in OneStart go to OneStart Navigation. Once you log into OneStart, click on the Services tab in the top row of tabs.

Click on Employee Center button in the left navigation bar.

Employee Center screen


The Employee Center makes it easy for you to get set-up as an IU employee with this self-service feature. You need to set up your payroll Direct Deposit (1), Tax Information (2), and Personal Information Summary (3). As a new employee here's how to get started and why:

1. Payroll Information: Direct Deposit Sign-up
Direct Deposit is mandatory for all employees of Indiana University

Online Payroll Direct Deposit:
You need to get your Direct Deposit set-up in OneStart to have your paychecks deposited directly into your bank account(s).

  • Once you set up your direct deposit, the online system allows you to make modifications as needed to your direct deposit account(s).
  • If you do not sign up for direct deposit of your paycheck, IU automatically issues a paycard prior to your second paycheck.
  • You must pick up the paycard in Poplars 527 (IUB) or your campus payroll office. Picture ID is required to pick up the card.
How to set up your Direct Deposit:
  1. Under Payroll Information click on the Direct Deposit link which takes you to the Direct Deposit Services page.
  2. Click on the Payroll button after reading the statement below it.
  3. You should now see a window titled Direct Deposit followed by your name directly underneath.
  4. Have a check or savings account information in front of you to begin your set up.
  5. See instructions on setting up your direct deposit account at Direct Bank Deposit for Indiana University Faculty and Staff or click on the HELP link in the Direct Deposit pop-up screen. FYI: There is a 1 change per day limit on direct deposit changes.
2. Tax Information and Forms You Need to Fill Out

In the Tax Information channel, click on the Show button near the bottom (see "2" in top image) to open all the Tax Data information for you.

All Tax Info  

The form is populated with default settings so new employees can click on Edit to change the information in the various sections.

W-2 Information: You must consent if you would like to receive your W-2 tax form PDF in OneStart instead of getting it through the U.S. mail. This makes the retrieval process more convenient for employees as they can print it out as needed.

W-2 Data Available: Populated once you build a work history with IU as this example shows. In the future, you can view other tax years electronically as they accrue.

Federal Taxes (W-4): Click on Edit to fill out the W-4 Tax form. Be sure to fill out all sections and click on Submit on the W-4 form. If you do not complete this step, your tax withholding will be set at the highest withholding rate of "single" with "0" allowances.

IN State and County Taxes (WH-4): Click on Edit to fill out the Indiana’s Employee’s Withholding Exemption and County Status Certificate (WH-4) tax information page. This allows employees to update their state and local exemptions, additional withholding, and additional exemption status electronically through OneStart. Be sure to fill out all sections and click on Submit at the bottom of the form.

If you live in a county different from the IU campus you work on, you will have a Non-resident Locality withholding tax line show (as in this example).

If you do not complete this step, your tax withholding will be set at the highest withholding rate for state and the county of your work location.

Important Tax Information for Student Academic or Adjunct Faculty Appointees:
If you are appointed as a student academic or adjunct faculty, Indiana University’s tax withholding process may result in lower than expected federal income tax withholding. The following link may help you understand how to determine what is appropriate for your specific tax situation:

You can update your withholding by updating your W-4 in OneStart and request an additional amount of federal tax to be withheld from each future check. (See line 3 under Federal Tax Withholding in example above.)

You can also submit an updated paper tax form to your campus or departmental payroll processor. You can download the federal W-4 form at Printable Tax Forms or you can request a form from your departmental payroll staff. 

3. Personal Information

The Personal Information allows you to update all contact information. Keeping this up to date assures getting important information, documents (such as your W-2 tax statement if you did not consent to receiving it electronically), and updates. Click on the Personal Information Summary link to review your information. Update this every time you move.

Benefits Information

Click on the Benefits Self Service link to see all health, insurance, pension or other benefit information as well as review your dependent and beneficiary personal information.

Questions or comments? Visit the contact form on our web site at FMS Support Form .

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